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If you cannot find peace within yourself

You will not find it anywhere else

the sorrows of young werther
5 February 1989
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Si te parentes timerent atque odissent tui neque eos ulla ratione placare posses, ut opinor, ab eorum oculis aliquo concederes...

hi all! a little introduction.
i'm 18 and live in northern italy (if anybody in the US wants to adopt me, i'm up for it). i'm a proud vegan and father to a lovely dog named jack. my friends say that i'm "very 80s". i love rock music from its golden age (not this modern shit!) and play the electric guitar (fender stratocaster, yo) and the piano. i also own a violin because i want to learn to play klezmer music (did i mention i'm jewish?), but i'm not good at learning on my own. i live with two roommates, and two dogs (jack and my roommate's, akemi). i'm in high school and still have two years of it to go. i usually work too, but not atm because i'm being lazy. i love martial arts, i practiced karate and kendo, which i'm gettin back into. i love movies and beer. i love star wars. star trek. american beauty. fight club. i like muscle cars and i wish i owned a '70 black dodge challenger. i get addicted to the sims 2 from time to time. i love comics and mangas (proud owner of the full collection of one piece, fullmetal alchemist, evangelion, trigun, kenshin and death note). i like flannel shirts, even though everyone i know hates them. i like onion a lot. and peppers. i'm not quite interested in politics, but i vote. i have a great orientation sense. i make a good navigator. i'm licensed to drive and kill people. hah, no, i'm just kidding.

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i have another life at boybychemistry. i mean, that's my personal journal. i write both in italian and english and post, like, a lot. it's friends only, so leave a comment if you add me!

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. [ e.e. cummings ]

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